Tears and Trumpets: A Sermon on Ezra 3

  Read the Scripture for this sermon here.           Congratulations, people of God, as of today’s reading, we’ve made it through the Old Testament story. We’ve seen God working in partnership with humans from the creation onward, through post-menopausal pregnancies, all night wrestling matches and flaming foliage. God has bound themselves... Continue Reading →

Communing with my Saint

The blackbirds beckoned me toward the woods, reminding me of the autumns we spent under their myriad voices, flocked together to signal the change of season. I was going anyway, with the confluence of All Saints' Day and Deer Opener, my first as an actual widow, rather than the jokingly named Hunting Widow. But the... Continue Reading →

No Redemption Worth the Price

In the four months since Marrett's death, there have been a few moments of what Jaamil Kosoko calls "post-traumatic enlightenment".  The things that Marrett taught me have coalesced in important ways that are giving new shape to the way I carry him with me moving forward. My understanding of the afterlife is undergoing a complete... Continue Reading →


Today it would have been five. It should have been five. This year, more than any of the other four, we worked our marriage hard. Because we'd been under so much stress with my work and his career change, with family situations, and with a recurrent conflict between us, we started a marriage enrichment book... Continue Reading →

Choosing Self(ishly?)

A conversation I had with myself on the way out of therapy today (3 pm): Me: I'm exhausted. I have an hour before I have to pick up kids. I should do something nice for myself, like rest. Or eat. Wait, when was the last time I ate? Breakfast? Other Me: But you said you'd... Continue Reading →

Heroes of Faith

A sermon on Hebrews chapter 11   (read the biblical text here) Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. I stand before you as one who has very little assurance or conviction this morning, but I stand here nonetheless. It is faith which allows me to get up here... Continue Reading →

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