About Collette

Collette is a mom, stepmom, pastor, writer, and a lover of people and justice . She was divorced in 2012 from her first husband of ten years. The same week her divorce was final, she met Marrett (rhymes with Collette). They married in 2014, joining households and adding another kid to the mix in 2017. Marrett was in the process of becoming an ELCA pastor like her, when he died suddenly in June of 2019.

Collette is now co-parenting with her second husband’s first wife, doing her best to mother two adult daughters, two tween boys, and the littlest Broady Grund. She also has two dogs, Marley and Schnitzel who are opposites in every way except the expansiveness of their love.

Collette lives in Mankato, Minnesota where she co-directs Connections Ministry, an ecumenical community for and with those experiencing homelessness. She is also one of the pastors and mission developers for Shelter Church, founded Easter 2021. You can read more about her work with Connections at http://www.parkinglotpastors.com.

In addition to pastoring and non-profit leadership, Collette is passionate about grief work. Through her new resource, The Grief Lectionary, Collette offers her experience leading others through grieving, as well as leading while grieving herself. She is available for workshops, retreats and speaking engagements.

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