Publications and Preaching


December, Grieving While Leading, Faith+Lead from Luther Seminary.

November, Death Throes or Birth Pangs, Commentary for The Disrupt Worship Project.

September, Created In and For Relationship, Commentary for The Disrupt Worship Project.


December, “Waiting and Wanting: Approaching Advent in the Midst of Grief”, We Talk. We Listen. Blog of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago


October, “Preaching + Divorce”,

January “The Virtual Communion of Saints”, Gather Magazine, 5.

August “Dropping Pretenses”, Bold Cafe e-zine.

Perfect Weakness”, Bold Cafe e-zine.

February “Women’s Bodies and the Body of Christ”, Women of the ELCA blog.

September “Sacred Land, Sacred Oil”, Fidelia Magazine.

February “Of God and Grandma”, Fidelia Magazine.

October “Public Faith”, Bold Cafe e-zine.   “Jesus’ Political Agenda”, Bold Cafe e-zine.

September “To Till the Ground”, Fidelia Magazine.


February “Sucker for A Good Story”, Fidelia Magazine.

August    “Faking Trust” , Bold Cafe e-zine.  “The Promise of Shalom”, Bold Cafe e-zine.

November “Boundaries: How I Learned to Stop Taking Responsibility to Everything and

Love My Limits”Bold Cafe e-zine.


June “Never A Fatherless Child”, Fidelia Magazine.

October “Course Corrections: The Work of God in Human Failure”, Bold Cafe e-zine.

Audio of Collette’s sermons are available at her former church’s website.

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