The Death (and Resurrection) of Simple

I miss who I used to be: someone who believed in one love for your whole life, an overly optimistic Pollyanna who could find the silver lining in any situation, someone whose life was simply... SIMPLE. I know that simplicity was always an illusion, one largely supported by the massive privilege I've been afforded by … Continue reading The Death (and Resurrection) of Simple

Tears and Trumpets: A Sermon on Ezra 3

  Read the Scripture for this sermon here.           Congratulations, people of God, as of today’s reading, we’ve made it through the Old Testament story. We’ve seen God working in partnership with humans from the creation onward, through post-menopausal pregnancies, all night wrestling matches and flaming foliage. God has bound themselves … Continue reading Tears and Trumpets: A Sermon on Ezra 3

Afterlife II: A Resurrection Rant

At my church's Wednesday bible study this morning, our text was Acts 24, the eerily parallel account of Paul's trial before the Roman governor and high priest. He's on trial, it seems, for his insistence on the resurrection. And not just the resurrection of Jesus, which he proclaims, but about a Way of living a … Continue reading Afterlife II: A Resurrection Rant

God and No Mortal: A Sermon on Hosea

We are in the book of God’s prophet Hosea this week, about a hundred years after Elijah’s story from last week. Hosea lives in the northern Kingdom of Israel, likely the distant descendant of those who revolted against King Rehoboam in our scripture from two weeks ago. And from that moment when Jeroboam built the … Continue reading God and No Mortal: A Sermon on Hosea

Afterlife (An Attempt at Embodied Theology)

What happens to us after we die? If someone had asked me that 4 months ago, I would've given vague but scriptural answers along the lines of the heavenly visions in Revelation, and John chapter 14. We go to the place prepared for us, a place separate from earth (though not entirely) which will one … Continue reading Afterlife (An Attempt at Embodied Theology)

Communing with my Saint

The blackbirds beckoned me toward the woods, reminding me of the autumns we spent under their myriad voices, flocked together to signal the change of season. I was going anyway, with the confluence of All Saints' Day and Deer Opener, my first as an actual widow, rather than the jokingly named Hunting Widow. But the … Continue reading Communing with my Saint