A Remembrance of Baptism during Global Pandemic

We are learning how to be the church while physically distanced from each other in these days of COVID-19, and I have heard so many clergy and lay people lamenting the impossibility of communion. To feed that deep sacramental hunger, I wrote this baptismal remembrance for my congregation to use this week, and I hope … Continue reading A Remembrance of Baptism during Global Pandemic

Confession is a Gift

Ash Wednesday 2020 Spiritual Practices Series: Confession Mark 9:30-37 This year during Lent, we are focusing on spiritual practices, taking one traditional faith practices of Christian community each week. And we’re not just going to talk about these practices, we are actually going to practice. So if you need a moment to prepare yourself for … Continue reading Confession is a Gift

The Death (and Resurrection) of Simple

I miss who I used to be: someone who believed in one love for your whole life, an overly optimistic Pollyanna who could find the silver lining in any situation, someone whose life was simply... SIMPLE. I know that simplicity was always an illusion, one largely supported by the massive privilege I've been afforded by … Continue reading The Death (and Resurrection) of Simple