Resisting until Redemption Comes

January 25, 2012: My first husband moves out, beginning the process of getting divorced. January 25, 2017: My second husband and I welcome a baby girl into our blended family. It cannot be a coincidence, these events book-ending the most difficult and life-giving five years of my life. I could not have imagined today from … Continue reading Resisting until Redemption Comes

Jeremiah: When the word of the Lord is hard to hear

Sermon from Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Mankato, MN November 20, 2016 Two weeks ago, we talked about Isaiah, and I told you that the northern kingdom was being threatened at that time by the Assyrian empire. In 721, the kingdom of Israel fell. Now in Jeremiah’s time, the situation looks even worse for Israel, who has … Continue reading Jeremiah: When the word of the Lord is hard to hear

10 Reasons This Pastor Goes to Pride

1. Because there are still protesters showing up to say you can't be LGBT+ and Christian. My presence says the opposite. 2. To learn how to love better, because there is no community that loves more deeply and broadly than the LGBT+ community, including the church.  3. For fashion inspiration: the costumes and shoes are … Continue reading 10 Reasons This Pastor Goes to Pride