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People have always told me I want too much. Mostly church people, who should know better since they follow a God who is known for wanting WAY TOO MUCH, including the love and loyalty of stiff-necked humans. It started when I was young and wanted to be a professional singer (I still want that, by... Continue Reading →


I’m on the plane back to Minnesota from a week spent preparing my parent’s to move from my childhood home. I expected to experience some grief in that process, and I did, a little. But only at the picture wall I’d forgotten, on which hung every family photo Marrett and I had taken, an inadvertent... Continue Reading →

Dead in my Dreams

Last night, I reached a new milestone in my grief. Marrett visited me in a dream, but even in the dream we both knew that he was dead. He looked dead. He smelled dead. He even tasted dead (yes, he kissed me in the dream and it was gross). But he sounded so very alive.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Living in Exile

A sermon for the First Sunday in Advent, on Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14. Preached at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Good Thunder, MN A lot has changed since I was here with you all last, some for the better and a whole lot for the worse. I would guess, given that we’ve been living in the midst of... Continue Reading →


My grief has been kicking up some gunk these last couple weeks, which I thought had long ago settled to the bottom of its pond. The waters there had been still for months--near total placidness--since the second anniversary of his death in June. Then the seasons began to change, and things shifted. Time for reflection... Continue Reading →

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