Devotion given this evening at the ELCA Hunger Leadership Gathering, Minneapolis Before I truly begin this devotion, I want to say a word of thanks and a dedication. First, thank you to Robin Brown for inviting me to do this devotion. Robin was an upstairs neighbor of mine at the Lutheran School of Theology in … Continue reading Hunger


It started with the butterflies. A dozen of them, all sizes, showed up on the front of our house the day Marrett got sick. These butterflies hatch in our neighborhood every year, but usually down the street near a neighbor's house. But Thursday last, they took up residence at Broady Grund Hollow, alighting on our … Continue reading Visitations

White Lady Learnings: I am not Cherokee

As part of personal project, and one my bishop is encouraging all the clergy in our area to undergo, this is the first in a series of posts where I examine my own white privilege and begin dismantling the white supremacy that is part of who I am. Hearing the news about Elizabeth Warren's DNA … Continue reading White Lady Learnings: I am not Cherokee

Hard Hearts and the Liberation of God’s People

A sermon on Exodus 7-12, the 10 Plagues This week in Faith Formation programming, we’re doing an Exodus event based on the story of the 10 plagues, so we switched our reading  from Joseph to the text that was just read. That switch was my choice, and I regret it immensely. Like the Noah story … Continue reading Hard Hearts and the Liberation of God’s People