Violence and the Resistance of Love

A Sermon on John 19:1-16 On Wednesday morning, some 200 students gathered in the auditorium of West High School as part of a nationwide walk out to protest gun violence. They spent 17 minutes in silence for the 17 students killed a month ago in Parkland Florida. That same afternoon, about 40 of us sat … Continue reading Violence and the Resistance of Love

Tirage: On the Importance of Being Angry

tir-age tahy-rehyj | noun the act of being so tired that you're angry at whoever is sleeping closest to you, usually your spouse, and you wake them up by yelling at them the sound a baby makes when getting three teeth at the same time, while also trying to drag/crawl across the room to a … Continue reading Tirage: On the Importance of Being Angry


In my first semester of college, when I still believed my music major would lead to a singing career, I took music theory.  The professor was a jolly imp who couldn't have been taller than five feet and had more musical talent in his ivory-tinkling pinky than my entire class combined. His favorite part of … Continue reading 39

Resisting until Redemption Comes

January 25, 2012: My first husband moves out, beginning the process of getting divorced. January 25, 2017: My second husband and I welcome a baby girl into our blended family. It cannot be a coincidence, these events book-ending the most difficult and life-giving five years of my life. I could not have imagined today from … Continue reading Resisting until Redemption Comes